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January 13
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Twas a dark and gloomy place that young Lauren had wandered into, towering rocks of pure blackness stretching high into the pasty sky. She was in a maze of sharp rocks, dark and murky, with dead silence adding to the pacing heart beat she presented. A beautiful athlete, her hair was dark-yellow, followed by a pretty face, exposed by the hair tied back into a pony-tail. Her slender form was most admirable, partnered by her slender, muscular legs that glistened like a thousand suns. After escaping from the horror that was the cave system before, Lauren now rested upon a rock as she stared at Cirith Ungol, a tower in the distance. The familiar twinges of her ancient webs rang true, fresh meat had indeed wandered foolishly into the great spider's lair. Shelob had watched the unknowing girl traverse her treacherous home. The beautiful pale-skinned human female had been careful to avoid the spider's sticky webs. Shelob's many eyes each focused on a different part of her body and the great spider's chelicerae moved in anticipation of her new meal. Ages of sickly or injured orcs had driven her nearly mad with hunger for some pure, unspoiled meat and now it had willingly wandered into her midst. The spider carefully moved right over the unsuspecting girl, moving with great stealth and agility despite its massive size. The girl had stopped, she quickly glanced behind her, Shelob watched patiently, waiting for the perfect moment to unsheathe her stinger and begin her feast. 

Lauren heard it, the crumbling sound of many rocks, all-be it quite silent in contrast to what rocks would usually make in terms of decibels. Her green eyes scanned the area of the 'dome', trying to pinpoint exactly where the sound originated from, and more importantly - if something alive was the cause. As she was turned around, Shelob's great abdomen lowered, a long black stinger coated in a paralysing venom emerging. She was so close now, so close to achieving her goal. As the young girl began to turn back around, she struck, driving her stinger straight into Lauren's toned stomach! 

The ancient spider's aim was true, it's moist yet sharp stinger had pierced its target and injected its stores deep inside the toned girl's stomach. The feeling to the great spider was indescribable bliss, the girl's skin felt warm to her cold stinger. Shelob left it inside of her a little longer than usual, for she had never even imagined such a fresh meal. She didn't want to kill her though, she likes them alive. That's how she likes to feed, she likes to feel their terror. The girl's vulnerable body succumbed to the venom immediately, she would have collapsed were it not for shelob's lightning-fast legs catching the limp girl. The air was still, and all that could be heard was the faint Mordor thunderstorms in the distance. This pleased her, she did not want to be interrupted while she had this most precious prize. The unconscious girl's warmth practically radiated from her body before, but was now fading as the spider held her. The long ages of the world had not dulled the effects of her venom.

The ancient spider known as Shelob wasted no time securing her prize. With great speed, it used its spinnerets to envelop the completely unconscious girl in it's sticky webbing. She spun the girl countless times with remarkable gentleness, Shelob wanted the toned girl to be completely unspoiled by the time she was ready to feed on her flesh. Her many legs touched her prey gently as her entire body was wrapped in the strong yet smooth silk. From head to toe, the pale body of her newest victim was now completely wrapped in many layers of silk. The great spider thought she heard rustling in the distance, her senses sharp, she decided to wrap the girl even tighter. She took no chances, for she would risk no harm to her helpless meal. She wrapped more layers of silk around the girl's midsection, tight enough to hold her securely in place but not tight enough to seriously restrict her breathing. Shelob liked this part, the bundle of silk in her legs had the outline of a human girl but only she knew what her prize looked like underneath all the webbing. Shelob thought about her fleshy chest, her long legs, fluid poured from her mouth as she drove herself mad with anticipation. She was tempted to begin the feeding right there and then for she was ravenous. Ages of disappointing meals had produced an unnatural hunger and increased instinct to feed. She drew the girl's body closer to her beady eyes and the ancient spider reminded herself how much more enjoyable the girl would be once she woke up. Lucky for Shelob, the venom's effects were fading. She could feel the warmth returning to its prey.

However, the sound grew, and Shelob turned to the defensive. She had to save her prize, and nothing would come in the way of that. Now taking on a more motherly nature, the great spider turned the cocoon upside-down and connected strands of tough silk to the feet and rock, in the darkness out of sight. Whatever had disturbed her would pay! For Ammarielle, this was not a pleasant place, for she was an elven maiden dwelling in the light, and darkness made her wary. She had climbed up the secret stairs for what seemed like an eternity, all the time carrying her sword of the sun, a metal so bright it would blind any who gazed upon it. Her hair was of pure white, her eyes blue-grey, her elegance…majestic. She rivalled Varda herself in terms of beauty, and now she was heading right for her ladyship herself, who was analysing her scent.

Shelob's ravenous hunger was only rivalled by her uncontrollable rage at the thought of giving up her meal. Shelob took one last glance at her meal, dangling securely above the ground. The ancient spider caught a scent that nearly caused her footing on the sharp obsidian rocks to falter. Elves. She had not smelled the scent of elf in ages. Shelob was immediately repulsed, and the great spider felt a twinge of fear, for all spiders had a fear of the burning light of elvish lights and elvish steel. As her newest enemy drew closer, Shelob gathered that this was a female elf. A thought stirred inside Shelob's mind. Such a deeply-held thought this was, that once she had it, she would not rest until she saw it realised. Tonight, she would either feast on the two purest and most nutritious races of middle earth or perish in the attempt. Shelob sheathed and unsheathed her stinger in preparation, dripping with excitement the ancient spider could hardly contain herself as she bore witness to the most stunningly beautiful elf her many eyes had ever seen. 

Ammarielle had not seen the giant spider though, as as soon as she entered the dome-like area, Shelob darted away out of sight, some height above the radiant she-elf. True, she was off pure starlight, though enough for the spider to bare. Having entered, she stopped in her tracks, sensing something foul and evil close by, she withdrew her sword. It shone brightly, but faded as it met the shadows. Hidden out of sight, Lauren was, in her sticky trap from which there was no escape. Having been a gentle, delicate female human, she succumbed more than usual to the paralysing venom, for it surged round her system with ease. It seemed that the Children of Illuvatar weren't as strong as once thought. Her bright eyes scanned the area, searching for evil as she chanted in elvish. Being from Valinor originally, the young she-elf was still blessed with the purest of light, having met the Valar herself, making her all the more delectable to the ancient spider hovering above.

Ages of dull waiting, suffering the ever-harsher pangs of hunger and thirst for pure beings and now in a single hour the great spider had the two most delicious meals it could imagine right before its eyes. It would have to move quickly, this she-elf was clearly a foe to take seriously. Years of sloppy untrained orcs had made Shelob slower than she once was, but the great spider was determined to feast on elf flesh. She would have to be clever, she would have to be patient, and she would have to strike fast against this foe. Shelob stealthily placed herself in position, it used its legs to grip the blackened rock as she observed the cautious she-elf. In the blink of an eye, the massive spider launched itself towards the incredulous elf. Shelob was a gargantuan being compared to her slim but agile figure. Shelob's lunge did not have the element of surprise, as the she-elf was highly trained, her senses keen as ever. She ducked under the ancient spider's body, Shelob became increasingly more infuriated as the elf girl kept dodging its limbs. Shelob didn't want to get too bold, for it knew the danger of elvish steel. It would have to get rid of her blade, this would mean risking it all, shelob could have everything it ever wanted or end up with nothing. 

It was then that Ammarielle had a clever, yet risky idea. Relinquishing her sword, casting it aside, she spoke in elvish before standing straight. She did not move, except for her breathing and movements of her chest. Shelob was surprised, was this she-elf giving herself to her, willingly? She didn't even know how to respond, but it was certain that the she-elf was no longer a threat. Shelob slowly inched ever closer towards the she-elf. She could hardly even think, this was all she had ever dreamed of. A feast for the ages! She was practically salivating with hunger, the smell of the elf's quickened breaths was impossible to ignore. It focused a couple of eyes on her heaving chest, such excellent meat just relinquishing itself to her? Shelob's mind was a battlefield of thoughts and instincts mixed with ravenous hunger and sweet temptation. Shelob glanced at the she-elf's blade and grasped it with one of its back legs. She flung it down the side of the cliff away from the path leading to Cirith Ungol. She noticed the elf's eyes followed its descent. Shelob's gaze was fixed on the she-elf as they heard the blade's clangs as it scraped on the rocks when it fell. Shelob drew even closer to the gorgeous elf girl, in that moment it picked up a new scent. Was what elvish fear smelled like? Or was this something else?

Fortunately for the spider, it was just the fear irradiating from Ammarielle as she looked in disgust at her. It was a witty plan of action that coursed through her elven mind, but all would fall in to place eventually, she just needed to succumb to Shelob first. Meanwhile, Lauren was beginning to wake up, but her limbs would still not respond.

Shelob's mind was still racing, this went against every hunting instinct that she had ever had in all her long years of life. It scanned the elf girl up and down, admiring the specimen that stood before her. Such a flawless being she was, were it not for her constant famished state the great spider would almost consider toying with its meal before wrapping her up. There was no time to lose, however. It's human meal may be weak but the venom would not last forever, it had to wrap the elf girl immediately. Shelob cautiously unsheathed her stinger, dripping venom all over the ground they stood on in the process. She felt the elf girl's gaze on her stinger, Shelob arched back and plunged it into the she-elf's toned midsection as the sound of her quick gasp echoed through the desolate lair. 

Ammarielle yelped, but her pain subsided far faster than anticipated. Being immortal, such things did not affect her for long, and as she succumbed also to the paralysing agent, she spied a wriggling cocoon in the background, near a cornered hole. Her eyes lit up with shock, her arms falling limp against her side, her very face seizing up. A few short gasps exited her mouth, the last sounds she would ever make. She did not froth however, as she was somewhat immune to the venom. However, her legs were now starting to fold beneath her, and it was worrying as she realised she was falling backwards towards the ground.

Shelob had not felt this excited in ages, it quickly removed her stinger from the elf girl's body as it caught her unconscious prey. Now completely helpless in its grasp, Shelob's spinnerets got to work wrapping her sticky silk around the she-elf's perfect form. Shelob spun it's latest victim countless times, her body pressed tighter against the confines of the webbing with every turn. Pleased with her work, Shelob used its forelimbs to drag the girl into her cave unceremoniously. Quickly depositing her close to the cave's exit, Shelob hurried to check on the human girl. Cursing the elf girl for taking so much time to subdue, Shelob saw that the human girl had woken up and was wriggling around in her cocoon. Whimpering and grunting as she fought to escape her sticky prison, the human girl's eyes widened it shock as it saw the humongous dark outline of shelob tower over her. She tried to scream, but the webbing around her mouth only let her relinquish muffled cries. Barely audible to shelob herself, the girl was completely helpless. This was Shelob's favourite part, she liked to see how much they would struggle. She quite enjoyed it when her prey tried to escape their cocoon or did their best to call for help, all to no avail. Shelob scanned the struggling girl's body, wondering where it should first sink its fangs. Such a juicy meal lay before her, full of meat and delicious nutrients for her, she couldn't decide! It pressed on her soft behind in order to make the girl lay still. Shelob was close now, so very close, and nothing would interrupt her feast this time...or would it?


Lauren was not prepared for the surging burning sensation that spread throughout her body the instant the spider's cold hard stinger pierced her soft warm flesh with a sickly squishy sound. Her eyes widened as she felt her body leave her, she no longer had any control over it, she was completely trapped inside her own mind! With a sickening squelch, the spider removed the stinger from her stomach. She could only stare without blinking as her body went limp and fell, caught by the many legs of the spider that she had now become prey to. Her massive predator effortlessly lifted her toned body, years of hard work and exercise, only to be enjoyed by a ravenous spider. The spider grabbed her long strong legs and pressed them together with ease, it gently pressed her arms to her sides. It stared at and moved her breasts around, not understanding the logic behind the meat deposits on humans. Completely frightened and humiliated, Lauren screamed for help inside her own head. She knew it was no use, but her mind was in panic mode. She could see and hear and feel everything happening to her but she couldn't move a single muscle! This was hellish for the helpless girl as the spider slowly spun her body round and round, its mandibles already pretending to feast on her, eager to begin for real. Lauren felt disgusted and horrified and completely without hope as she felt herself incased by tight sticky silk. The cocoon that was now her final resting place made sure she couldn't move even after the spider's venom lost its effect. If she even lived that long…Lauren could only weep and scream inside of her head as shelob greedily wrapped up its latest meal. It would take its time with this one, it thought. Lauren was in for a long and terrifying "feast" shortly after her cocoon was complete.

Just a little fun between me and :iconjaws976: 
Shelob is so good at hunting ;)

Like it XD

You have a very nice writing style :)
:clap: Nice story. ^.^
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