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The boat came around a bend, with the sun glistening brightly in the sky; a waterfall could be seen, crashing down violently. It had been a tough trip, what with Amy and Terri being eaten by a monolithic anaconda that seemed hell-bent on killing each and every single last one of them. The maniac behind the issue in the first place was tied up, helplessly bound to a pole with his legs also drawn together by thick rope. As two of the expedition’s crew members had been deceased, everyone was on edge, worrying at all times as to the whereabouts of the anaconda. Little did they truly know, was that the godly enthusiastic anaconda was always watching them.

''Danny, get that rifle from over there!'' Shouted Warren Westridge as he walked over towards the main deck, his eyes wild with fear. He wouldn’t admit it, but he had a strong fear of the anaconda that pursued them so aggressively. Two members had already died, one of which witnessed by the entire crew, with exception of Dr Cale; constricted by the anaconda against a pole and then swallowed whole under water. It was tough, with Denise wailing away like a lesbian-lover, seeing Amy come to the surface with many thick, green coils around, only to be taken beneath the surface for the last time. Amy’s true demise was now within the depths of the jungle itself, for the anaconda had regurgitated her after a few hours of actually consuming her.

''Where is it?'' Danny said with his typical American accent. Westridge cared not for the simple minds of these Americans and got the rifle himself.

''Funny how our children can’t pick up their own things.'' Danny looked back at him with a crude face, pulling out a second knife he miraculously found from nowhere after losing his beloved first one.

''That’s it man, I’m going back to ‘LA’.'' He replied sarcastically, turning away towards the inside of the boat. As Sarone sat there, he looked up, meeting the eyes of Denise who held a knife loosely in her hand. Having the appearance of a woman torn apart by grief, she kneeled down towards him, dry tears spread across her pale cheeks. 

''Never look in the eyes...of those you kill. They will haunt you forever, believe me I know.'' He spoke, staring at her with solid eyes, never moving his head as he gazed at Denise, quivering with fear. 

''I have to do this...'' She said reluctantly, holding the knife tightly as her hand shook. It was relatively blunt-edged, by the shining sun it glistened, a potent combination of beautiful craftsmanship and death merged into one single blade. She was simply not up to the task however, the knife dropping from her hands as she stormed off. Just as she sighed, the boat suddenly halted, sending her plummeting to the slippery deck! The rudder had been snagged on something, most likely some water reeds. 


''Yeah?'' His voice echoed through the cabins as he popped his head round the corner, holding a wad of toilet paper. It was obvious that he had tried to have a private toilet session before the disruption occurred. 

''Come help me free the rudder. Westridge, keep watch over Sarone!'' Denise ordered as she frantically walked around on the slippery deck. As everyone was chaotically wandering, the twisted eyes of the snake hunter checked in all directions, waiting for the proper moment to attempt an escape. Danny rushed out with Denise, who had since tied her t-shirt into a knot, exposing her soft stomach. She had majestically long, muscular legs that seemed to stretch on forever. As she lowered herself into the calm, muddy waters of the river, Westridge moved over towards Sarone. 

Denise, being in the water sensed there was something wrong! As Danny too noticed a ripple in the water, he shouted for her to 'go!' Obliging, the red-head-blonde waded quickly through the water, as it splashed against her bare, soft stomach. As she clambered out onto the patch of swamp-land not too far from the boat, she could hear the anaconda slithering closer, hissing aggressively as it swiftly pursued her. It was hungry, seemingly not satisfied after consuming both Terri and Amy not days ago. Crying and whimpering for safety, Denise leapt upon to a ledge, climbing awkwardly onto another ledge close to the raging waterfall. This was what the snake needed! For her to separate from the main group, for it could ill-afford to attack when she was protected by other humans. Hissing in preemptive triumph, it carried on following her scent, even after losing visual of her, it was still way too easy for it to track her whereabouts. 

Without warning, Sarone looked down and thrusted his legs upwards, catching Westridge completely off-guard! He yelped as the deranged snake-hunter asphyxiated him, his legs squeezing around his throat. He uttered some words of 'life' and 'permanent' before a now deathly-pale Englishman collapsed to the floor. Laughing inside his mind, Sarone watched as Danny came forward, holding a knife firmly. What was it with all these knives? Thought the Paraguayan as he charged forwards to combat the black-American wielding the weapon like a cheese-burger. With the rifle pointing towards them without a handler, the two battled with punches and swats, trying to gain the upper-hand over one another. With the commotion progressing, Denise stands behind the fast-waters of the waterfall itself, moaning as she witnesses the horrid sight of the silhouette of the anaconda. It had sensed her body-heat, and thus coiled itself round a nearby branch on a tree not too far away from the river. As she saw it get ever closer, the frail woman gave one last effort and dove straight through the waterfall, hoping to land squarely in the river with a splash.

However, this did not occur, as the anaconda, having viewed the lengths of which its prey was willing to go, lunged down with equal speed, clamping its mouth around her shoulder. In the same motion, it spiralled her upwards, coiling thick bands of muscle which lapped around her slender frame with ease, each firmly tightening in place. She couldn't react as the anaconda hissed and manipulated her body into a desired position. As it settled, two fat coils covered Denise's torso, however part of her stomach was exposed, glistening as the sun reflected off the droplets of water. Tightening, the anaconda hissed at her, its own face remaining close to her own, the slit-eyes watching remorselessly, analysing her every detail. It flickered it's devilish tongue at her cheek, anticipating the meal to come as it continued to crush her with its own body. Squeezing the life out of her was easy, simply because she was very slender, even though her legs we're long and luscious, it chose to leave them dangling. Looking up briefly from his fight, Danny shouted in anguish upon seeing the producer bound by the gigantic water boa, there was nothing he could do to save her!

Like a never-ending corkscrew, the anaconda applied intenser pressure every moment, watching as its prey struggled to breathe. A slight snapping sound could be heard, gathering the attention of the anaconda as it held Denise close. The tree had begun to break under the anaconda's massive weight, and as it's roots were torn from the ground, the tree collapsed down towards the river. The unfortunate woman could only muster a faint groan as she and the snake fell towards the river, landing with a magnificent splash. The boat was destroyed, the giant tree crushing the structure with ease as it relinquished its old position next to the waterfall. Under water, it was a different story, as Denise could be seen deep inside the stomach of the anaconda, her body still twitching somewhat. Danny and Sarone recovered, only to continue in their endless conflict.   

Third scene from 'Anaconda 1997', this time from the scene at the waterfall. 
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Nice. About time the anaconda got around a female.
Just wanna say, it's crazy how much your writing has improved. Great work :)
That was a good movie. ^.^
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